IUNO Cosmetics is a family brand, founded and run by mother and daughter. The creators gained their experience in the world of make-up by running (for almost 30 years) the “Beauty-Art” Make-Up School. The trend for eco-friendly products motivated them to create vegan make-up products. They were looking for a combination of natural ingredients in makeup products, but at the same time these cosmetics were to be durable, strongly pigmented and characterized by high performance.

This is how IUNO Cosmetics products were created, which offer vegan, environmentally friendly and affordable makeup.

Currently we offer 10 vegan make-up cosmetics based on a vegetable origin and 11 highest quality vegan brushes.
These products are aimed at people who do not want to harm any living being by their choices. The company’s mission is to invite you to an environmental friendly lifestyle.

Our cosmetics do not contain silicones and are not tested on animals. Witch Hazel Hydrolate, contained in our products, has a soothing effect, especially on sensitive skin around the eyes. It has a strong antioxidant and anti-wrinkle effect. Soothes irritations, reduces redness, seals capillaries so that the skin becomes more elastic and tense.

Our vegan brushes are made of synthetic bristles using the most modern technology imitating sable and goat hair. They are resilient, and at the same time, and extraordinarily soft. It fits perfectly in the hand.

IUNO Cosmetics debuted in September 2018 and at the same time received the title of Woman Brand of the Year 2018.

Origin of the name IUNO

(Latin Junona / iuno)

Juno (Iuno), queen of the heavens and wife of Jupiter. She was the guardian of women’s lives, including sex life and motherhood.

In Rome, she was worshiped on the Capitoline Hill along with Jupiter and Minerva. She belonged to the Capitoline Trinity. Junon was dedicated to the Matronalia festival, celebrated on March 1.

IUNO was also referred to as a semi-divine, mortal creature taking care of a woman and accompanying her from birth to death. It was believed that every woman had her own individual IUNO. It was something like a guardian angel.